9.30am – 10.30am Ages 5-9 (all levels welcome)

10.40am – 11.30am Ages 10-14 (all levels welcome)

Class dates
Classes are run per term, specific dates are listed below. 

$100 per child for the term

To register your child please email:

About Bibi

I’m a White Lotus certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor, with a NZ primary school teaching background. I’m also a published author and illustrator of Aristotle’s Journey into Happiness – Yoga for children and the young at heart. I’ve been teaching children’s yoga internationally for the past 15 years, in international schools, regular schools and yoga studios.

The benefits of yoga are many fold. They help children to focus more easily, add to the physical, mental, emotional and psycho-physical balance and well being. Children learn to become co-creators in their own well-being as they are given tools to handle stress and everyday challenges in various ways. Self-acceptance is as vital as creating a sustainable environment where we can all live in a more harmonious fashion.I also use story-telling and relaxing music as tools to help children when we practice guided relaxations at the end and sometimes during our practice.

Teenage yoga is an positive way to help support children when deal with an overwhelm of emotional  physical and changes that go along with being an adolescence. Teenagers who practice yoga are more cheerful, experience reduced stress levels and perform better academically.

If your teenager is looking for a holistic way to stay healthy and fit, yoga is definitely a great way to go. It will help your teenager develop a healthy body, mind and spirit balance and a positive self-image within a supportive environment.

To teenagers yoga can seem a bit daunting in the beginning, as they may fear they aren’t flexible enough or are uncomfortable with their body image. They may also feel apprehensive about how look when they practice different poses. Once they get the hang of it they soon find that Yoga really is for everyone, children, teenagers, and adults when they practice experience its holistic health benefits. Yoga makes your body more flexible. You don’t need to be flexible to start it. Yoga is not a religion, all you need is an open mind and you’ll soon discover how it makes you feel better inside and out.

Date: Sunday 2nd February - 29th March 2020
9.30am – 10.30am Ages 5 - 9  / 
10.40am – 11.30am Ages 10 -14 
Price: $100.00
Date: Sunday 3rd May - 5th July 2020 
*No class May 10th due to Mother's Day
Time: 9.30am – 10.30am Ages 5 - 9  /  10.40am – 11.30am Ages 10 -14 
Price: $100.00
Date: Sunday 26th July - 20th September 2020 
*No class September 6th due to Father's Day
Time: 9.30am – 10.30am Ages 5 - 9  /  10.40am – 11.30am Ages 10 -14 
Price: $100.00
Date: Sunday 18th October - 13th December 2020 
Time: 9.30am – 10.30am Ages 5 - 9  /  10.40am – 11.30am Ages 10 -14 
Price: $100.00

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