Yoga is my reset button, my place of calm and constantly flows over into my daily life enabling me to have deeper connections with my whanau, friends & Papatūānuku.

I believe that re-connecting with our bodies and our breath creates a pathway to conscious wellbeing and a connection to the earth.


While my classes are mostly vinyasa flow based, I have also studied Aerial Yoga which uses a soft hammock to enhance your daily yoga practice and allows you to truly experience the joy of inversions.

I look forward to guiding you through this amazing life changing practice that is yoga.


I can't wait to meet you on the mat!

Nadine Humphrys

Yoga has taught me to slow down and enjoy each moment

I started practising yoga 5 years ago with my husband Bryce (full credit to him for suggesting we give it a go).  From the first moment we entered the cosy, welcoming studio in Marsden Village we fell in love with Yoga.  Two years later we were down in Nelson completing a 200 hour YAC Teacher Training course.  In my first year as an Instructor, I taught free classes twice a week to busy teachers and admin staff at local Wellington schools.  In the past two years I have instructed Hatha Flow and Restorative Yoga classes at the studio, along with the occasional private class at home.


In my past I was an 'active relaxer', so Yoga has taught me to slow down and enjoy each moment. Nature never rushes, so why do we? 

We can achieve more by taking our time. 


My Hatha Flow class encourages yogis to move safely within their comfort zone through a range of linked asanas (poses).  There are wee challenges offered as an option as we move from sitting to standing before eventually arriving at a supine position. 


Take care of yourself, cos you don't have a spare😉

Namaste Nadine



To me,
yoga is about self-discovery

To me, yoga is about self-discovery. In my classes I strive to create a space where participants feel safe to go inside and explore – a space where they can discover exactly what they need both on and off the yoga mat. It is my intention when leading a yoga class to encourage participants to listen to their own innate knowledge, and let that become their guide. It gives me great joy to look up at a room full of people, each doing their own version of the practice. 


My own yoga practice began over 20 years ago and has been my anchor while life’s ups, downs and changes have fluctuated around me. I am continuously discovering the many wonders of this practice as I come to understand better the relationship between my own mind and body. The single most important thing that yoga has done for me is to help me to be more present in my life; meaning I am able to have more meaningful relationships, more joy, more happiness, more connection. It has become an essential tool for my own deepening self-awareness, for understanding others and for acting with empathy. Yoga spills over into all aspects of my life, making me a better parent, spouse, daughter, sister and friend. 


I am Yoga Alliance registered (E-RYT) and have been teaching both here in NZ and overseas for over 10 years. In 2016 I founded my Wellington-based yoga business, Flow Yoga, which sees me take yoga classes and workshops into community centres, classrooms, workplaces, yoga studios, private homes and mental health care facilities. After working in mental health with refugees in 2015-16, my yoga teaching took on a more intentional trauma-informed perspective. It was this work with refugee survivors of trauma and torture that inspired me to do further training in using yoga as a tool to address trauma. At that time I began a trial yoga project with refugee-background women which continues to this day. More recently I co-founded the group Trauma-informed Yoga and Mediation NZ with fellow yoga professional Una Hubbard to support those in the community wanting to learn more about trauma and yoga/meditation tools for recovery. Together we facilitate trauma-informed yoga and meditation workshops throughout New Zealand. 


I look forward to connecting with you on the mat.

Julene Marr

Get ready to find your powerhouse and feel great for it!

Julene is an energized Pilates instructor who loves the benefits that it can offer.


Specialising in Pilates Classical Mat syllabus and teaching through to advanced level, she adds fun and interest to the classes with diverse focus areas and visualisations to support students through their journey. She also has a passion for yoga and hiking and is on a mission to complete the Great Walks.


Get ready to find your powerhouse and feel great for it!