Yoga is my reset button, my place of calm and constantly flows over into my daily life enabling me to have deeper connections with my whanau, friends & Papatūānuku.

I believe that re-connecting with our bodies and our breath creates a pathway to conscious wellbeing and a connection to the earth.


While my classes are mostly vinyasa flow based, I have also studied Aerial Yoga which uses a soft hammock to enhance your daily yoga practice and allows you to truly experience the joy of inversions.

I look forward to guiding you through this amazing life changing practice that is yoga.


I can't wait to meet you on the mat!

Tash Lockie

I want you to feel better

My intention when teaching is to help students create space, in body, mind and spirit.


My classes are formed with safety and sustainability in mind because I want you to be able to practice for life!


For myself, Yoga and Meditation are a pathway to understanding myself better and help keep my health and wellbeing in balance.



First comes awareness,
then choice

First comes awareness, then choice.

With yoga I am continuously learning new things about myself. I become aware of my physical body, my mind, my spiritual journey and my surroundings. I am then able to make conscious choices in my life. This is why I fell in love with yoga. For me it’s an inward journey – a chance to meet myself. To get to know my strength, my limitations, and other bits and pieces. These journeys could be challenging and confronting at times. Ultimately, it’s a path to freedom as freedom is to know my limitations and accepting them.

Every Sunday I guide you through a Restorative/ Yin class for 60 minutes at the Beginner Yogi Studio. I thoroughly enjoy teaching Restorative/ Yin class as I believe we all deserve a nourishing rest and to recharge. We are all leading a busy and modern life, most of the time with not enough rest.

My other passions are holistic health and creating a balanced life. I am a certified Life Coach. My declaration as a life coach is to empower people to reach their potential and to find their authentic-self. My Life Coach area of interest are creating a balanced life, building confidence, enhancing performance and goal settings, improving self-esteem, and reducing stress and anxiety. I am always open for you and I truly care for your wholeness.

Namaste, Maria



To me,
yoga is about self-discovery

To me, yoga is about self-discovery. In my classes I strive to create a space where participants feel safe to go inside and explore – a space where they can discover exactly what they need both on and off the yoga mat. It is my intention when leading a yoga class to encourage participants to listen to their own innate knowledge, and let that become their guide. It gives me great joy to look up at a room full of people, each doing their own version of the practice. 


My own yoga practice began over 20 years ago and has been my anchor while life’s ups, downs and changes have fluctuated around me. I am continuously discovering the many wonders of this practice as I come to understand better the relationship between my own mind and body. The single most important thing that yoga has done for me is to help me to be more present in my life; meaning I am able to have more meaningful relationships, more joy, more happiness, more connection. It has become an essential tool for my own deepening self-awareness, for understanding others and for acting with empathy. Yoga spills over into all aspects of my life, making me a better parent, spouse, daughter, sister and friend. 


I am Yoga Alliance registered (E-RYT) and have been teaching both here in NZ and overseas for over 10 years. In 2016 I founded my Wellington-based yoga business, Flow Yoga, which sees me take yoga classes and workshops into community centres, classrooms, workplaces, yoga studios, private homes and mental health care facilities. After working in mental health with refugees in 2015-16, my yoga teaching took on a more intentional trauma-informed perspective. It was this work with refugee survivors of trauma and torture that inspired me to do further training in using yoga as a tool to address trauma. At that time I began a trial yoga project with refugee-background women which continues to this day. More recently I co-founded the group Trauma-informed Yoga and Mediation NZ with fellow yoga professional Una Hubbard to support those in the community wanting to learn more about trauma and yoga/meditation tools for recovery. Together we facilitate trauma-informed yoga and meditation workshops throughout New Zealand. 


I look forward to connecting with you on the mat.



yoga gives you strength-both in body and mind

Tanya has been practicing yoga for about 10 years after stumbling upon it through a friend. Over the years she has practiced many styles of yoga and still enjoys the variety of movement.

Tanya believes Yoga encourages you to challenge yourself without the need to compare yourself with others. It intrigues you and gives you a belief to be who you are and be okay with that, no judgement required. It empowers you to treat your body with respect and to be thankful for whatever movement, whatever flexibility level or body shape you are. Yoga gives you strength-both in mind and body.

She has an excellent knowledge of anatomy and physiology believing that as long as what your body is doing in an asana is safe, then it is okay for you to move and look different to everybody else in the class.

She believes in the importance of an individual practice. When you combine her anatomy and physiology knowledge with her love of running and the outdoors, you have a teacher who wants you to have the best possible practice in that moment for you.

In her other “life”, Tanya is a mum of three young children, a tertiary tutor, a (wannabe) surfer, beach lover and book nerd with a soft spot for good coffee and fine wine.



I first came to yoga July 2016 after giving birth 4 months prior to twins, baby boy Zinzan, baby girl Stevie. This was a complicated journey to say the least and still one that is very much ongoing but attending my first yoga class was something very special.  I knew my body needed some love but I was not interested in slogging it out at the gym and felt at this point in my life I preferred something that was going to be gentle and sustainable for me.


After 3 weeks, I noticed the physical changes in my body and was amazed at the transformation alone.  There was also a mental shift I felt more positive and inspired to share, my routine was sorted, booked my classes in advance and was excited to attend each time.  This excitement didn't wear off, this energy continued to bubble up and again I could not explain but came to the conclusion because this is sustainable and achievable for me at this time this was motivating in itself.  


Little did I realise it was many things bubbling up into heart space nor that I would build up such a good rapport and new relationships with teachers and students that would inspire to want to teach and share this with others.


I finally plucked up the courage after a goal setting session to sign up for my 200 hour teaching training, and was recommend a course that was also part-time which allowed me to manage realistically in amongst family commitments.  


Outside of yoga I love spending time with my family, and extended whanau around Wellington and up north in Hamilton. We also enjoy taking family trips, heading up to Whitianga aka Poppas place, the South Island camping, catching up with friends over some good food and wine. 

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