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Classical Pilates
Pilates Practice at the Studio
Classical Pilates comprises of an ordered series of exercises that work the entire body from top to bottom. You can also expect it to be efficient - we focus on decreasing the overall number of repetitions and instead finding the optimal amount of work of each motion, enabling rapid, long lasting results. There's no impact to the joints, focusing on strengthening and stretching the body with each exercise. Be ready to active the mind as you exercise, developing and increasing your body awareness. 

To begin we work on the foundational principles, in addition to building awareness of the forms and shapes. Combined, these form the solid foundations from which the rest of the method draws. For this reason we recommend the 8 week introductory course to start your Pilates journey. In these sessions we take the time to build awareness using session specific focuses, slowing the motion and building understanding about what we are targeting through the exercise and how to achieve the most benefit from them. In addition, if there are injuries or issues we work to support students with modifications that are then able to be drawn on during other classes. If you are concerned about a specific issue and whether Pilates may be suitable please reach out, we'll be happy to work with you. 


Ultimately, Pilates mat works as one of the most accessible forms of the method that can be taken virtually anywhere. It will work with your body in motion to build tone and flexibility using the essential method of the founder, Joseph Pilates.


Our Pilates mat classes are held on Wednesday evenings and Saturday morning. If you have never practiced pilates before then we recommend you try our Beginners Mat class on Wednesday evenings at 7:15pm

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