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The Yoga Studio offers a range of classes to suit all ages and abilities. The majority of our classes can be attended in the studio in person or from home via Zoom. All yoga classes are suitable to all levels and can be adapted based on abilities, injuries or preferences as needed.

Alignment Flow - A vinyasa style practice which is thoughtfully sequenced and fluid but not fast. Breath, alignment and sensations are emphasised to anchor you on the mat and in the present. You will be encouraged to respect and honour your unique strengths and limits. Suitable for all levels.

Dynamic Flow - Dynamic Flow is a vinyasa based dynamic medium paced class that focuses on body and breath connection, that leads to a moving meditation to get you out of your head and back into you body.

Hatha Flow - A slow flow class that moves from seated to standing postures with ease - helping to improve your balance, mobility, and overall strength. A natural progression for beginners but also suitable for more experienced yogis.

Slow Flow - This class focuses on connecting the body and breath through gentle movements and flowing sequences. Suitable to all levels.

Stretch and Flow - An hour of flow and stretches to help open and strengthen the body. Gently releasing and relaxing the muscles and connective tissue – allowing yogis to deepen poses as the body and breathe allow. Suitable to all levels.

Yin Yan - Yin Yan is a revitalising practice. Starting with dynamic movement, building heat and strength in the body, the practice then settles into long gentle yin style holds finding encouraging length and flexibility. Suitable for all levels.

Yin & Tonic - Yin & Tonic is a mid week 60 minute pamper. Breath exercises and guided meditations will bring us into our bodies allowing us the space and to soften deep into muscles, slow the mind and reconnect with our sacred self. Suitable to all levels.

Yin - Yin works on the bodies fascia lines, ligaments and joints, and poses are held for longer periods of time. The pace is slow and the challenge is in staying still as you give the body the time it needs to stretch and release stress and tension. Yin is a perfect complimentary class to more active styles of yoga. Suitable for All levels.

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