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For thousands of years women gathered in sacred circles, to connect, support and pass on ritual & tradition. The expansion of patriarchal systems and the deep fear many women have of persecution has driven much of this connection underground. BUT our feminine energy is rising and women all over the world are once again gathering together. We are tired of doing it alone, exhausted from competing with one another to get "ahead" and are deeply craving connection. The time for healing is upon us. It is up to us now to do the inner work so we can support ourselves, our communities and Papatūānuku as we walk into this new time.

Sacred Wild is a series of safe containers for deep feminine work. We gather in circles, and on retreats to connect, share our stories, join our collective power to imagine and create a new way to live. Each event is themed and will include womb and heart space connection, creative activities, meditation and gentle yoga. 

If you would like to know more about Sacred Wild events email or follow on instagram @sacredwildnz 

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